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Starting as a response to the COVID epidemic, we are a growing group of home bakers who make small batches of cakes, brownies, flapjacks and other small treats to distribute throughout the city.

We offer an easy way to volunteer – allowing you to help people in Brighton and Hove from your own home at a time and day to suit you.

We need more people to help us to bring a smile to others through baking.

Bakes range from simple tray bakes to breathtaking birthday cakes. You can bake whatever you want, all bakes are very welcome and help give someone a weekly treat.

What do I need to do ?

The simple answer is bake – maybe just make another batch when you are baking at home, or set aside some time to enjoy making treats and helping our community from the comfort of your own kitchen.

All that we ask is that they are packaged and then dropped off on a specific day at one of our hubs that are located throughout the city. You can see the location of current drop off hubs by clicking below.

Bake a Difference Sussex drop-off hubs

Our hubs then deliver them to local groups including food banks where we hope they help someone who is going through a tough time. Having a home made treat can provide a real lift to people going through hard times.

Do I need to be a good baker to contribute?

Absolutely not. Our skills range from absolute beginners to skilled bakers.

Making flapjacks for example is simple and you can learn a new skill whilst being part of a group that helps local people.

What should I bake?

Whatever you want! Popular bakes include flapjacks, cup cakes, loaf cakes or brownies, but the only limit is your imagination and skill.

If you are a more skilled baker, you can join our group of birthday cake bakers who bake specific cakes to order – maybe you can volunteer bake the first personalised birthday cake that someone has ever received?

Generally, our clients prefer small batches of bakes – around 4 items per bag or box is ideal.

We do have some rules (e.g. no items which require refrigeration) and these can be seen in our handbook which can be found below.

We also require all bakes to comply with Natasha’s Law, clearly marking ingredients and especially alergens. Full details are in our handbook.

How often do I have to bake?

As often as you want.

We have people who bake every week and some who bake once month. Both are fine, every bake is appreciated and every bake makes a difference.

Drop off days differ around the city you can get details by emailing us on info@bakeadifferencesussex.com.

What difference does this make?

Your bakes can make someone’s week. Don’t take our word for it, here is some feedback from the community groups and foodbanks that receive bakes from us.

  • You make our clients feel loved and special.
  • We just want to thank all the bakers so much for the wonderful bakes. Thank you!  Residents love them, it’s a real treat when they arrive… And I think it helps them feel that someone cares!  Thank you so much. And also for the beautiful birthday cakes
  • Bakedown has been such a huge blessing and is genuinely one of the most consistent things we get good feedback on, it genuinely means a huge amount to our clients to have these bakes that people have put love and care into.

This all sounds great, how do I get involved?

Firstly, please read our handbook (click for link).

We then ask that all new bakers complete a simple multiple choice quiz based on the information in the handbook to ensure that they understand basic food safety.

If you pass the quiz, we’ll send you your baker number and address of your chosen hub and you will be part of our growing group.

The quiz can be found at this link. If you have any questions, please email us


Please visit our social media pages



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